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In Spanish, short for "para adelante" or "move forward" 

The Pa'lante Story 

Our family is originally from Colombia, but both of us were born and raised in New York. Colombia and New York are very different. We live in a safe town and have everything we could ever want but when we visit Colombia, we see people begging for money on many corners of the streets.


In the summer of 2018, we traveled to Cartagena for the first time. As we were walking around looking for a place to have dessert, we ran into a young boy and his mom sitting in front of an ice cream store. When he saw us, the kid walked up to us and asked, "Do you have any spare money so that I could get some ice cream?". You could tell the kid was hungry and also probably scared. His eyes lit up with delight as we brought him into the store to buy some ice cream.

This is how Pa'lante started. We decided that we wanted to help kids in similar situations as that of that little boy. We have both always loved soccer and have played it for as long as we can remember. We think that, through soccer and the practice of sports, we can help keep kids safe and away from the dangers on the streets. We can help them move forward and have better lives. ¡Vamos Pa'lante!

Nico and Lorenzo Galeano

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